By Mamta Lulla

Wilhauk Beef Jerky in Spruce Grove is celebrating its first birthday with 12 days of giving – just before Christmas.

With the local business’s first birthday on Dec. 12, the owners decided to start the giving season on Dec. 1. Since then, the owners, Trevor and Amanda Wilhauk have been giving back to people from all walks of life.

On the first day, they made shopping easier for a Tri-Region mom. The couple found the mom with her kids and paid for her groceries and helped them carry it to the car. The mom has three boys and a girl.

“We were so excited to walk through the aisles to find the right mom and as soon as we spotted her we knew she was the one…then we had to spend the next 20 minutes trying to not look like creepo stalkers,” states the business’s Facebook page.

On Dec. 4 the couple bought 113 Bad Mom movie tickets. Amanda said parenting isn’t easy and she knows she has dropped the ‘parenting ball’ many times especially since she’s been busy with the new business. So the couple decided to celebrate all the “bad moms” in the community by buying movie tickets. The couple has four kids ages 12, 10, eight and six.

On Dec. 2, they walked into a random dressing room at the Grant Fuhr Arena in Spruce Grove and found a coach and handed him tickets to an Edmonton Oilers game. The couple wanted to thank coaches for all their hard work with young athletes – highlighting that some of the coaches volunteer their time for the kids in the community.

On another one of the giving back days, the couple has also conducted a field trip with seniors in the community, taking 32 on a bus to watch the Christmas lights and picked up 40 hot chocolates and shared with everybody.

As part of the giving season, the couple highlighted the work one of their employees and bought him a ticket to the Philippines. The couple wanted to send their hard-working employee home for the holidays, said Amanda.

Given it’s only been a year since the Spruce Grove Wilhauk opened up, how is the couple able to afford to do so much for the community?
Amanda said the couple has been saving for a while to conduct the giving back drive – just ahead of Christmas.

She thanks the community who have been supportive of the local business and credits them for being able to afford what the couple has been doing for residents in the community.
She said the community has made the business and the couple’s work life fun and enjoyable. They enjoy the support they receive and wanted to give back in a big way.

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