By Mamta Lulla

If you can walk, ride or roller blade to the Spruce Grove Public market on Sept. 10 you’ll be eligible for a free valet service for your bike and a chance to win $50 gift card.

Thanks to a grant from Alberta Health Services, the Achieving Community Together (ACT) Inquiry Team and Alberta Prevents Cancer have joined hands together to promote active transportation in the community.

Active transportation or any human power transportation such as a skateboard or a bike not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but healthy socialization and a feeling of belonging in the community.

ACT member Natasha Rychlik says at the local market, the team has setup a booth and they are encouraging people to walk and bike instead of taking the car. They also have gift cards to give away from Mud, Sweat and Gears.

ACT team has recognized a few key needs in the community including strength and wellness, transportation and mental health and the team is working on various initiatives to accomplish those goals.

The team also wants to include a community spirit and a sense of belonging and active transportation encourages conversations and social inclusion.

Rychlik explained when someone uses a vehicle to go from one place to another, socialization is minimal.

“You’re not connecting with anybody with the community,” she said.

The team would also like to garner support for active transportation due to safety reasons. She explained there’s no other way except the highways that connect Spruce Grove and Stony Plain.

“There are no bike paths,” she said.

Once there is enough support within the community, the team wants to go to council and lobby for alternative/active transportation routes within the community.

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