By Mamta Lulla

I’m sure you know a couple people in your life who prefer walking everywhere instead of driving. Spruce Grove resident Connie Hendry is one of these people.

The 50-year- old woman has seen her mom walk everywhere for the better part of her life and picked up the skill on the streets alongside her mom.

Today, she continues the tradition, not only so her four children will catch on but also to take a break from her day and get some fresh air along with some much-needed ‘me time.’

“You are trying to set an example for your kids and it’s also time for myself,” she said.

Although, her children aged 19, 17, 11 and 8 aren’t the biggest fans of walking and prefer to bike or roller blade, she knows someday the tradition will catch on. Even if that doesn’t happen, maybe her children will continue biking their entire lives, which she is OK with, and so are we, dear children!

What does she do in winters, you ask? At certain temperatures and distances, she chooses to drive.

“If it’s colder than -15 and if I have to go too far then I don’t walk,” she said.

What’s her advice for all those who would love to follow her footsteps but don’t know where to start? Pick an errand.

It is easier to walk places if you have a goal in mind such as walking two blocks to your local store to buy a few necessities.

Hendry usually picks the furthest she has to go and makes her way back.

You can even start small routines everyday such as picking up your children from school, which according to Hendry, has other benefits like your kids telling you all about their day.

“It’s a good time because you’re out in the open, they don’t feel like they are being interrogated or being judged,” she said.

You can also try a walking buddy to include some social time as well as some fresh air and exercise.

Time for a walk, anyone?