I’m sure I’m not the only Mom that used to cringe when I would hear my kids ask “Can we make slime?” I immediately would think of that show on Nickelodeon where the buckets of slime would come pouring down on people. It looked sticky, ugly and very messy. No thanks! But then my kids convinced me to watch a video on how to make slime. Ok I thought, I will let them try it. It looks easy enough and not nearly as messy as the word itself seems.

This has become a huge craze with kids and teens. So much so that Instagram has blown up with slime hashtags, videos, photos, and people are even selling it online! I love that my kids want to do a craft (or anything that gets them off a device) but the request is literally daily. Not only are the ingredients getting harder and harder to come by, but I’m spending a good percentage of my household budget on glue, Borax and shaving cream. My daughter has two friends over the other day and immediately they ask to make slime. We had to go to three stores to find glue! Is Elmer’s a public traded company because there is a hot stock?!

I wanted to know the reason for this craze and be prepared for the next one to come. My kids, like millions of others, follow other kids on YouTube, which is where the phenomenon originated. Now there are hundreds of slime videos posted by “slimers”, and many different types of slime – glitter slime, unicorn slime, Thai slime, rainbow slime, fluffy slime, on and on and on….

The apparent reason behind why slime is so popular, other than the “monkey see, monkey do” philosophy, is the appeal of the texture as a fidgeting tool and stress reliever. My daughter can be an anxious child at times and when I saw her using one of her homemade slime stress balls, I was sold. If something this simple that allows them to be creative, crafty, follow instructions, and also helps relieve some anxiety or stress in their lives, I’m all for it! So long as they clean up their mess! 🙂

I’m already anticipating the begging and pleading for the next big trend in tactile tools. They are called Squishies and are taking the globe by storm apparently. I searched it on YouTube but all the videos were over 5 minutes, and frankly I cannot understand how it could take anyone that long to demonstrate squeezing a toy and letting it go to settle back into its original shape. That’s the concept behind Squishies. It’s a squishable toy that you squeeze and watch grow back to its original shape as a donut, bread loaf or even an avocado. There are hundreds of these little toys and they are sold in Showcase stores throughout Canada. So be prepared parents – if your kids aren’t asking for them yet, they soon will be!

For now, I’m cool with having 25 balloons filled with homemade slime lying all around the house, until the dog eats them…..