Recently, my wife, Sharon and I totally enjoyed ourselves at yet another magical experience at Disney World.  The magic that IS Disney World always ignites our “together energy” and results in having so much fun together like no other vacation destination can offer.

Sharon and I are quite the team!!  Many of our close friends have extended this compliment to us.  And we are most appreciative.  We approach our 1 to 1 relationship with very clear intentions.  We’re not always 100% on the mark but we strive to be the best that we can be for each other.

Not surprisingly, we noticed this same approach to “Team” at Disney World.  We couldn’t help but see, time and time again, some pretty amazing 1 to 1 outstanding support and assistance enthusiastically shared between Disney Staff Members.  There was a whole lotta mentoring going on at Disney.

This caught my attention.  Why?

Many years back I was the Director of a Child & Youth Mentoring Program at a local social services agency.  For the 8 years that I was associated with “The Partners Program”, we no doubt made a difference in the lives of children and youth experiencing numerous personal and family challenges.  We did so by matching Adult Volunteers who committed minimally 1 year to be an Adult Special Friend and Positive Role Model to 1 child or youth.  It was really all about helping shape the life of 1 kid at a time in our community and a belief in the power of the Mentor-Mentee Relationship.  Google “Research on the benefits of a Mentor.”  I am confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what the research is telling us.

I wrote this short article for you.  Heck, you could have written an article on The Power of 1. The Mentor-Mentee Relationship.  I could be reading YOUR stories.  All that I’m asking here is that objectively look around for even more Mentor-Mentee Relationship opportunities.  Concentrate on the relationships that will best impact others and you.  The Mentor-Mentee Relationship is happening all around us in our daily lives!  Formal or informal.   Take action on these amazing opportunities and make a difference.