Mamta Lulla

Transportation can be an issue in the Tri-Region especially for the youth who can’t always afford it.

The Grab a Taxi program is targeted towards the youth who may have an important appointment they just can’t miss, say, reporting to your parole officer.

Communities Empowering Youth for Success or CEYS jointly with Parkland School Division is providing a ride to anyone in need. The trial period is to determine the frequency of usage and the success of the program.

CEYS chair Graeme Dawes said the youth don’t always have the means to get from point A to point B.

“Transportation has always been an issue here and it’s something we have struggled with for years,” he said.

CEYS has donated $5,000, which is currently helping the program run 24/7 in the trial period.

“The kids sometimes get into trouble and they have to go see a parole officer… so these services are available to kids to help them out,” he said.

CEYS’s vision is to create an inclusive community where all youth are empowered through education, life skills and healthy choices. The organization works hard to blend youth back into the community and guide them as they go.

Teenagers, young adults and people in their early 20s can access a coupon that they can fill out and have it be signed by someone at the destination.

“Right now we have pushed that to service groups and RCMP so everyone [in the Tri-Region] is aware that if there’s a young adult or in need out there, then the taxi fare will be available to them,” said Dawes.

CEYS works on various community initiatives such as homeless shelter projects, annual family day events and hot lunches in the Tri-Region.

Their mission is to empower youth through programs, services and opportunities that will enhance independence and self-growth while developing partnerships with communities and business to maintain long-term stability and success for all.

To find out more info about CEYS and what they’re currently doing in the community, contact them at