By Mamta Lulla

On Oct. 14 and 15, Edmontonians and Tri-Regioners can participate in the Healthy Steps for Change event by taking the 1 million stair challenge.

The event that runs at Glenora Staircase — Ezio Faraone Park to River Valley Road by Royal Glenora Club – is to raise awareness and funding for low-income families to attend the Change Adventure Camp.

The camp that runs in summer helps children build life skills like meal preparation, participating in physical activities and connecting with nature.

At the event, the organizers are challenging Edmontonians and Tri-Regioners to climb one million stairs. There will be prizes and participants can learn to make their own energy bars. The event runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekend.

The adventure camp first started in 2016.

Doug Klein, a family physician who practices in Edmonton says in his practice he sees that people are growing up without the learning about healthy living.

“So I thought, starting up a camp that taught some of those things to kids and families would be a good idea,” he said.

This summer, the camp ran for eight weeks with approximately 15 to 22 children participating each week.

The summer camp runs at various locations in Edmonton and the Tri-Region.

In 2017, the camp ran for four weeks in Parkland County and the hope is to increase that period to eight weeks — this coming summer.

This funds raised at the event will support low-income family children to attend the camp next summer.

Klein says the camp organizers have been able to get government funding so far and they are hoping for the same in the future. It costs about $200 per child to attend the week-long day camp.

The money raised will be combined with government grants that the organizers are yet to apply.

“We can combine that to get some government funding because several grants require partner funding,” he said.

Last year, the Healthy Steps for Change event raised about $20,000 and Klein is hoping for the same amount this year.