By Mamta Lulla
Tri-Regioners can run/walk at the 14th annual Rotary Run for Life.
The event runs in partnership between the local Rotary Clubs in the Tri-Region and the Coordinated Suicide Prevention Program (CSPP).
This year, the race route has changed. The races include five kilometres, 10 kilometres and half marathon routes.
Organizers say the event is one of the prestigious and successful ones in the community given that it’s been running for so long.
All the proceeds from the event, as a result of fundraising, also gets shared between the organizations.
Natasha Bell, CSPP coordinator said due to the Rotary Clubs’ generosity, some of that funding comes right back to the community.
CSPP uses the money to raise awareness and be proactive in suicide prevention. The organization conducts presentations in Tri-Region schools and hosts events such as the Survivors of Suicide Day.
The racecourse includes running on parts of 43 Avenue, 50 Street and 44 Avenue. Racecourses will vary depending on the race but will provide glimpses of Stony Plain to all runners.
All races will start at the Heritage Pavilion Park in Stony Plain.
Registration numbers annually vary around 500 people but numbers are not known until race day. Bell said many people don’t register until race day.
When asked about suicide numbers in the Tri-Region area, Bell said suicide numbers have been consistent but the organization does not have recent numbers. Bell explained the downturn in the economy have not affected suicide rates but it takes time for numbers to show up.
The event is on Sept. 10 starting at 8 a.m.