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Association for Supported Community Connections (ASCC) is a Non Profit Registered Charity that enables individuals with disabilities to be integral members of the community through Supported involvement. ASCC provides respite (Hourly and Overnight), Before and After-school care, Community Access, Youth Summer Day Program, Community Homes (also known as Group Homes), and Transitional Planning (AISH and PDD application’s). ASCC is an accredited agency and has been providing support services since 2004.
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Our supports cover;s:
Autism Spectrum Disorders
ADHD / ADD / Dyspraxia
Intellectual Disabilities
Mental Health Issues
Acquired Brain Injuries
Bridge to Care supports individuals with Autism and Asperger Syndrome from their own homes, in residential care settings and in the community. Each individual’s needs vary, some might require support with basic daily living skills, communication or social skills support and other individuals might just like a ‘break’ or an alteration to their routine. In this case, Bridge to Care offers services to the individual and/or their family members.
Using a non-aversive and proactive philosophy, we support each individual using a person-centred approach. The level of service varies from minimal home supports, to a vast range of clinical care. Where the need is greater, we offer interventions such as; positive behaviour programmes, support care plans, sensory integration and full occupational therapy or psychological assessments.
At Bridge to Care, we feel it is paramount for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to feel a sense of community inclusion. Every individual should be given the best opportunity to reap the benefits of community involvement. However, we understand the importance of safeguarding individuals with an Intellectual Disability and protecting their vulnerability. Our services ensure individuals are not segregated or isolated, helping each individual to strive forwards to fulfil their full potential in life.

Centre For Autism Services Alberta
Child Disability Resource Link
Children’s Autism Srv of Edmonton
Coaching Families Ministry

The Coaching Families Ministry helps families learn about and respond to the needs of children (up to the age of 18) in their care, who have been diagnosed with, or are strongly suspected of having, FASD.
What Services Are Provided?
By providing intensive support for 6 to 18 months to families with children who have FASD, the mentor will help caregivers:

Increase understanding and knowledge of FASD among caregivers, families, and other community supporters.
Provide families with strategies and tools for adjustment in living with children who have FASD, and to decrease the risk of secondary disabilities (e.g. mental health).
Establish a safe and stable family environment that suits the needs of children with FASD

Am I Eligible?
This ministry is available to parents, guardians, or any adult responsible for a child or children who have been exposed to alcohol prenatally. For more information, contact the Ministry’s intake number: 780-975-4896.

FASD – Coaching Families

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