Mamta Lulla

Todd and Tammy Ratte’s Spruce Grove garage has been recently looking like sporting goods warehouse but for a good cause.

Ratte’s family organization called Rallying with Ryder participated in the Compete to Contribute Contest this year by doing a used sporting goods drive and collected equipment.

The sporting goods, mostly for the youth, will be available to use for those families who can’t afford it through local agencies such as CEYES and KidSport in Parkland.

Rallying with Ryder is a local charity organization in Spruce Grove that is hoping to get a ‘charity’ status from the government in the next couple months so they can write receipts for those who donate money to the organization.

The money goes to families with long-term diseases such as cancer. The Rattee family founded and runs the organization after Todd and Tammy’s now 10-year- old son was diagnosed with cancer.

With the sporting goods drive, Rallying with Ryder collected 64 pairs of soccer shoes, more than 40 pairs of hockey skates, 20 hockey helmets, 55 soccer balls, 67 golf clubs, 12 baseball bats, seven bikes and 21 bike helmets along with other equipment that filled up the family garage.

Compete to Contribute is a local challenge underway in the Tri-Region for the second year in a row, and asks non-profit organizations to conduct acts of good in the community with the help of youth. The mission is to inspire and empower youth to engage in creating a healthier community.

Rallying with Ryder got local children involved to conduct the sporting goods drive by putting a call out. Todd and Tammy’s children Nathan, Devyn and Wyatt along with Ryder are very active in the sports community and many teammates and friends and friends of friends came out to help sort the equipment and catalogue all the goods.

In the last year or so Rallying with Ryder has been active and the organization through local businesses and friends and family has managed to raise about $15,000.

How did it all start? When Ryder was going through his cancer treatment and the family spent time in the hospital, they received support from the community and with the new foundation; they want to return the favour.

“Recognizing the value this support provided for Ryder, we had a few things come to mind that we feel would be powerful ways to offer similar support to the other children in treatment,” states the Rallying with Ryder Facebook page.

Long-term treatment for cancer can be a financial burden for families and that is where Rallying with Ryder will offer support.

“We were fortunate enough to keep our house, our cars, our jobs,” said Todd Rattee,
explaining not everyone is that lucky.