By Mamta Lulla

Spruce Grove native Jamie Mozeson is running in the nomination race for the Conservative Party for Parkland-Sturgeon River.

Mozeson brings her political experience having worked behind the scenes with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She said she often prepared him for Question Period and handled media request inquiries.

She first met former MP for the riding Rona Ambrose when she was 10 at the Tri Leisure Centre.

She aspires to walk in Ambrose’s shoes.

“Seeing the difference that Rona made for this community really inspired me,” she said.

At an early age, she understood private sectors’ concern given her dad was a businessman.

“Working in the Prime Minister’s Office, I also saw the difference that I could make not only for the people of Canada, but for people back home in the Tri-Municipal Region,” she said.

She stands for Alberta’s energy sector.

She said the Liberals have forgotten the natural resource sector that accounts for nearly 17 per cent of Canada’s total economy employing close to 1.8 million people and generating $27 billion for the federal treasury.

As a young mother, she is concerned about Canada’s future with the Liberal party spending agenda and the deficits that are being racked up.

Another one of her platform focus includes the local infrastructure in the riding.

Mozeson has been door knocking over the summer and plans to take local concerns to Ottawa if nominated. She wants to fight for families, businesses that rely on Alberta’s energy sector.

She plans to create jobs to reduce the tax burden on businesses and keep taxes low for all Canadians.

“I have heard about these issues on the doors and, if nominated as the Conservative Party candidate for Sturgeon River-Parkland, I will be a strong voice for our communities in Ottawa and a champion for local families,” she said.