By Mamta Lulla

One Spruce Grove resident is not happy with the turnout on past election days so he’s decided to make a change.

Ron Cairns is encouraging people to vote in the upcoming municipal election in October. To do his bidding, he started a website.

According to Cairns, Spruce Grove voter turnout numbers revolve around 30 per cent and he wants to increase this number.

“I want to encourage people to get out and vote,” he said.

He wants the community to think collectively about all our futures.

The idea to build a website and get the word out recently came to him after he learned to use Google AdWords and analytics.

He launched the website on a Friday and by the end of that weekend, it received about 13,000 hits, he said.

He did run as a candidate in a previous election but he won’t this time around.

“I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of guy,” he said.

Depending on how much time he can devote to the website, he will update it periodically.

For more information visit the site at