By Mamta Lulla

MLA for Stony Plain, Erin Babcock, has organized a fall fundraiser on Oct. 21.

The money raised at the event will be used to re-elect the MLA in 2019, but that’s not all. Babcock said a relaxed event such as this one gives her a chance to connect with her constituents.

Currently the Stony Plain NDP Community Association has about $11,000 in the bank. The organization had hosted a spring fundraiser and other events to raise the amount.

The spring fundraiser attendee number was about 50 people. Babcock is hoping to get approximately 75 to a 100 people this time around.

Babcock’s riding stretches from Winterburn Road in Edmonton, to Pembina River in the west and North Saskatchewan River in the South and along the Highway 16 around Spruce Grove in the North.

Advocacy and listening to people and sharing constituents’ concerns with the provincial government is important to her, she said.

“Listening to the people and making sure their voices get to the decision makers is part of the job,” she said. “I make sure all concerns are heard.”

The tickets for the family event cost $75. Attendees will get opportunities to talk to her at the event and enjoy a meal together. There will be activities and dance at the all age event along with a cash bar.

Babcock, 37, is in her first term as the local MLA.

She started her term from the ground up creating an association in the riding.

She is dedicated to her job and the people she serves.

Fall Supper Event