By Mamta Lulla

For entrepreneurs who are just starting out, renting an ideal space to get started adds up to huge costs that owners usually cannot afford: enter Entrepreneurs anonymous.

Clayton James, 31, came up with the idea of renting his space to someone just starting out at no charge.

Jones, started his own business about four years ago. He knows the struggles that owners usually have to overcome in the beginning months or years of starting up your own business. So he decided to push people and help them out.

His acreage in Parkland County has additional space built on the property so he is able to offer it to those in need. The add-on structure, an open concept room, is about 30 by 20 feet and has enough space to accommodate those who are just starting out. He said the warehouse-type space is ideal for many business types — be that people who are starting their own clothing line or a construction business or like Jones, starting out as a carpenter.

“I started this because I know sometimes people need a push and there is nothing like that being offered,” he said.

He is hoping to be an inspiration to others.

Entrepreneurs anonymous started out about six months ago and since then, Jones has helped about 10 people.

For his generosity, people thank him and tell him he’s helped their life take a new direction. They let him know they didn’t believe they could end up starting something — if it wasn’t for him.

The free rental space is available in Parkland County around  Range Road 14 area.

To have a cup a coffee with Clayton Jones and ask him about the free space, that’s up for grabs, contact him at 780-619-4503.