Mamta Lulla

As the economic environment in the past few years have changed, so have the needs at the Parkland Pregnancy Support Centre.

The organization that provides practical resources to expecting mothers such as baby clothes, bibs, bottles, diapers and strollers, has seen a shift from younger women to older women who need help.

When the agency first opened more than three years ago, they mainly served younger moms who were mostly single. That has changed due to the economic downturn. Now there’s a shift with older moms in need.

“We have client in 40s now so there’s a wide diversity of age, clients who are married, clients who may have one or two children already,” said executive director Jan Gillett.

Despite the shift, the agency has evolved and still continues to serve the community with practical resources – including a new-born basket that comes equipped with everything a new mom may need in her first month to information about financial resources.

“Young women don’t know what they are entitled to, how to get support so we provide them with information and direct them where to go for additional resources,” she said.

The agency has a small room where they collect baby items and are passed on to expecting mothers. New clients receive the new-born bins with all the necessary supplies.

“A lot of them come there and sometimes they bring the things back and switch for the next size,” she said.

The agency runs thanks to the generous support from the community.

The organization connects all new moms to other community support groups that they may find useful like the food bank or postpartum groups.

Volunteers also provide birth coaching and answer any questions they may have.

The agency is located in Spruce Grove and serves the Tri-Region along with west of Edmonton.

For more information call 780-962-5505.