By Mamta Lulla

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in life — but there is help if you need it.

Because I Love You started in Parkland County in May this year. The group is an informal parenting support network.

To put it simply, it’s parents helping other parents.

Executive director for BILY who also started the group in Edmonton before Parkland welcomes all parents in the community to the club for free.

She says summers are easy for most parents, but it’s when school starts, we can all use some help.

This includes setting a routine, setting some ground rules and setting some boundaries.

“I like to say it’s best to come to BILY when you’re not in crisis if you want to set up some rules and boundaries for your children as young as they are toddlers,” she said.

But parents often seek help during a crisis.

All parents go through difficulties getting their kids up and ready for school, setting curfews, children not wanting to do their homework.

Among older children partying, drugs and alcohol are some of the common issues.

“Parents are at a loss,” she said.

But there’s help available.

Young talks to families when they first come to see what the concerns are.

Some families attend many sessions while some parents get what they need in just one session.

Currently, the BILY Parkland chapter has approximately 15 families.

The group meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. at Hope Church.